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Helping Hands Charity is a 501(c)3 Non-profit
organization (EIN 27-0770490) dedicated to
helping local families in need. Your donations help
those less fortunate with much needed
assistance. All donations are tax deductible.
Click here to donate or if you have any questions.

Fast, Easy Houston Car Donation Pick-up Service
It's easy to donate your car, boat or RV in the
greater Houston Area. We will provide you with
fast free friendly pick-up service. We work
around your schedule to find the time that best
works for you to get your donation picked up. You
will receive the largest tax deduction possible  by
donating to Helping Hands Charity than donating
you car to another charity. In most cases the
vehicle donors receive full market value.


Why donate to Helping Hands Charity?
Helping Hands Charity will not just send your car
to auction like most charities. We take the time to
wash and clean your vehicle donation. We have a
mechanic on duty to make minor repairs to your
vehicle donation. We also sell your vehicle at one
of or lots that helps save on auction fees.  You will
receive the largest tax deduction possible  by
donating to Helping Hands Charity than donating
you car to another charity. In most cases the
vehicle donors receive full market value.  

Does my vehicle need to be in running condition?
No. The vehicle does not need to be in running
We accept vehicles in both working and not
working condition.  

What will I need?
All you need is the title, keys, and we do the rest.
If you have lost the title its not a problem you can
still donate your vehicle.

Is my vehicle donation tax deductible?
Yes. Vehicle donations to Helping Hands Charity
are tax deductible. We are a non-profit classified
as 501(c)3 charitable organization.
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